EasyFWD Help
Welcome Hi, my name is Luc and I will take you through this manual so that you can learn how to use EasyFWD pleasantly. Digitization has taken a huge leap in 2020 and made us think differently about how we can work together. Working from home is one of those things.
To come back to that, research has shown that what we always thought about working from home is incorrect. At home, we work longer and experience more stress. It turns out that it is difficult to work in a structured and focused way at home. We often spend a long time at the PC, laptop, tablet, or phone and this affects our exercise pattern and vitality. Conclusion: working from home can no longer be ignored and we will have to come up with a new work-exercise pattern and combine that with being able to work concentrated. The challenge is, how do you do that? EasyFWD learns to pause your work and to experience that it is more pleasant to work when you leave your work alone for a while and to get away from the PC. Use the break for a short walk, make a phone call on foot, do an exercise, or if you have the opportunity to do your work standing and then sitting down, etc., all possibilities to carry out your work in a healthier and more vital way.
How to use EasyFWD vitality software.

Quick start

The Snelstart (Quickstart) is a short introduction movie, of 2 minutes, about EasyFWD. It shows you the how and why of an EasyFWD. In the Snelstart, only the most important topics come up, so you can get started quickly.


When you open EasyFWD, the first thing you see is the dashboard and you immediately notice “Your vitality”. If you are not constantly working behind your PC, your vitality will be happy. On the other hand, if you often work at your PC for a long time, your vitality will be tired.

Explanation “Your vitality”:

Your vitality depends on how you took your breaks throughout the day. This concerns 3 points:

  1. The balance between working time and break time.
  2. The distribution of the breaks you have taken over the working day. Whether or not offered by EasyFWD.
  3. And how often you have worked too long in succession (working behind your PC).

If you step away from the PC sufficiently by yourself, then you are doing well and you will hardly see EasyFWD.

If you do that less because you are busy, your vitality will decrease and the meter will turn to the left.
If you make little or no time for a short walk or break, you will undermine your vitality and your energy will decrease and you will become more and more tired, less creative, and productive.

Keep in mind that your displayed vitality on the dashboard is an average, taken over 20 working days

Your energy level

Move your cursor to “your energy level in 20 working days” then the area with the battery will light up blue. Click on it and you will see your energy levels / batteries for the past 20 working days.

Your energy level

If you have clicked on it, you will see batteries animated from full to empty, depending on how you worked that day.

By moving the cursor over a battery you get information about that day. The three faces indicate what went well and what went wrong. This gives you the opportunity to do something with it if necessary.


When do you use the easyflux?

You probably recognize it, you’re just getting started and then your colleague arrives or your children storm in, in short, it is difficult to find time and place to be able to work in a calm and concentrated way. Working with the easyflux ensures concentration and structure in your work in these situations. It is easier to make appointments with your colleagues at the office or with your family or partner at home. You will find that they leave you alone quicker and better accept a “no”.

Pomodoro information

Background info easyflux:

The easyflux works on the basis of the scientifically proven Pomodoro working technique. You work in 4 blocks of 25 minutes with a 5-minute break in between and a 15-minute break after the 4th work block. The Pomodoro work technique is mainly about taking the 5 and 15-minute breaks. These ensure that you will work more productively, creatively, and with more job satisfaction.

How does the easyflux work:

Press the logo button and the easyflux starts a work block of 25 minutes in red.

After these 25 minutes, the easyflux will turn green for a 5-minute interruption, and then turn red again for 25 minutes. You do these 4 work blocks in a row, which is 1 Pomodoro, and after the 4th work block, you will get a reward and a 15-minute break. Allow yourself time for a cup of coffee or a good conversation with your colleague. You have now been able to work concentrated for 100 minutes. You can do this process several times a day if your job requires it.

The easyflux in practice

The easyflux takes into account the environment in which you work and is equipped with a waiting softener, among other things. A dot clock, with which the easyflux indicates how long you are still working, so that your colleagues can see when they can address you.

You can take a break during a work block, the easyflux will not be on the red all the time during your absence. The easyflux takes the course of your work block into account. If you are gone for longer than 10 minutes, your work block starts again.

Conveniently, easyflux occasionally emits a vibration signal, so that you know that easyflux is nearby and you can consider using the easyflux to be able to work again with concentration or use it at your sit-stand table. This [do not forget me button] can be switched on or off in EasyFWD.

Explanation easyflux
Connecting and colour coding easyflux:

Connection requirements:

If the above is all correct, you can start.

Important: easyflux can only be charged via USB-cable to the PC. Do not connect the USB-cable of easyflux to a power plug and insert it into a socket.

USB connection:

Plug the USB plug into your PC and the other plug into the easyflux. You press the logo button once and you see that the easyflux with a rotating white tail light will search for a connection with EasyFWD. At a certain point the LED ring lights up completely white once and goes out again, this means you’re connected.

Bluetooth connection:

First, go to settings of your PC and at “devices” you check whether your laptop or PC has Bluetooth and whether it is on. If you do not see an “on/off” slide, the PC or laptop does not have Bluetooth and you can use USB.

You do have Bluetooth and it is on. You press the button and you will first see the easyflux turn red (if the ring is completely red and then release the easyflux off), you keep the button pressed until you see a blue rotating tail light appear. You release the button and easyflux searches for the Bluetooth connection with EasyFWD. At a certain moment the LED ring lights up completely white once and goes out again, this means you’re connected.

Colour concentrated work:

You press the button once and the LED ring turns red. As the 25 minutes pass, you will see an LED light turn white and count down. If the ring only has 1 red LED light left, then after this LED light the LED ring will light up completely green for 5 minutes and also count down. If you have worked 4 blocks with concentration, you will receive a reward from the easyflux and a 15-minute break, a party so to speak.

Disabling concentrated work:

You do this in EasyFWD in the left navigation menu Easyflux. Click on this and click on stop.
The easyflux will also switch off when the PC or laptop is switched off or goes into hibernation. Also, note that closing the laptop ensures that the easyflux switches off.

Pause signal:

After 25 minutes of concentrated work, the easyflux will change from red to green for 5 minutes. These 5 minutes you can take a break and take a walk or you are approachable. Just like in the work block, the break is counted down by the wait softener. A good tip is that the easyflux is not so much about working but more about taking those breaks. These ensure you that you become more productive and creative and that you do your work with more job satisfaction. It is fun to get your work done!

2 minutes absent:

You are away for a while and inactive for more than 2 minutes with the PC. The easyflux turns completely green to indicate that you are not there or that you are doing other work. If you come back within 10 minutes, your work block, in which you were working, starts where you left off. If you are gone for longer than 10 minutes, your work block, in which you were working, starts again.

Halfway throug reward:

A pomordoro is a 100 minutes long and if you complete it with the interruptions, you will get the reward as below. Halfway through, easyflux also gives a reward in the form of 2 purple lights spinning around. Now you know that you have been able to work concentrated for 50 minutes. That’s great you achieved that and worth a little party.

Full reward:

You can receive a reward from easyflux in 2 ways:

  1. You have worked properly today according to your work profile and you will receive a full reward.
  2. You have worked concentrated and you have completed the 4 work blocks and taken the breaks in between completely, worth a full party and you deserve a break of 15 minutes for a good conversation or a nice cup of coffee.
  3. The idea is also, that you have to take at least 70%  break time of the first three green breaks offered (i.e. 10 minutes and 30 seconds), otherwise you will not see the reward. In the end, it’s all about taking breaks.
Switching off the easyflux itself:

You press the button and keep it pressed until the LED ring is completely red and then release it. The easyflux is switched off.


Sleep mode easyflux:

When your PC goes into sleep mode, easyflux will also go into sleep mode and shows 1 LED light, which burns softly white. When you come back and you activate your PC, easyflux will automatically contact EasyFWD vitality software and start where you left off or your working block will start again, if you have been away for more than 10 minutes.


Indication battery almost empty:

Entire ring flashes orange, battery almost empty. Connect with USB cable. When the orange flashing stops, you can use easyflux again.

Easyflux needs an update:

Rotating yellow light, easyflux is updated from EasyFWD. Takes 6 to 8 minutes.

Work profiles

Which work profile do I want to work with.

EasyFWD has 3 work profiles for you.

1) You choose the varied work profile:
As the name implies, you work alternately with your PC or laptop and EasyFWD will hardly interrupt your work. In principle, you know that you are taking enough breaks, but every now and then you would like to see EasyFWD interrupt you when you are busy. This way you can get up for a while, sit upright again in the chair, etc.
The setting is 60 minutes of work and a 10-minute break

2) You choose an intensive work profile:
You work with your PC almost all day and you can hardly step away from it. EasyFWD helps you to unwind from time to time and still take a break from your busy work. As difficult as it may be at times, taking a break has a function, namely; you regain energy. If you do this regularly, you will notice that you can continue your work more pleasant and vital.
The setting is 30 minutes of work and a 5-minute break.

By clicking on the gear you can set EasyFWD as compelling as you want.

You can choose an information tickerline, which appears at the bottom of the pause window.

If you install EasyFWD for the first time, the default setting is; alternate work profile with a soft notification. As a starter, this standard-setting is the most pleasant and makes you sufficiently aware.

3) You choose a custom work profile.
You can set this work profile yourself according to your own wishes. However, we always recommend doing this together with an expert. This work profile is usually used for people with physical complaints such as RSI, neck and shoulder, arm, low back, etc.

Note: easyflux gives a green light signal during a break, to indicate that you can take a break to get away from the PC or laptop.

Sitting / standing

Sit-stand table

How to move around in the office is a big challenge. One of the solutions is the sit-stand table, a table that you can modify from sitting to standing. Many companies have responded to this, only in practice it now appears that dealing with a sit-stand table is more difficult than expected.

The easyflux can help and stimulate you to make better use of the sit-stand table. You set your sit-stand time and as a result, you get a friendly white light signal from the easyflux, to bring your table to a higher or lower working position.

You have the choice between a white light signal only on the easyflux or only a notification on your screen or on both.

What do you see:

White light signal on the easyflux:

You can always click away the message on the screen or it disappears when you have raised or lowered the table more than 20 cm.

The easyflux keeps track of how long you have been sitting or standing for you per day. If you make healthy use of your table, 30% of your working time is standing. This is done automatically when setting up. If you sit in the correct proportion, the face will look more cheerful.

Just a fact: Alternating from sitting to standing has a beneficial effect on your cholesterol level. Make sure that you do not stand for more than 1 hour in a row or sit for 2 hours in a row.


Of course, EasyFWD and easyflux think that if you do it well you should also be rewarded. You will see a reward at the end and good execution of a Pomodoro or at the end of the working day if you have done your work profile well.

At “settings” you can indicate how often and whether you want to see the reward. For example at the end of the day or after 5, 10, 15, or 20 working days.

You’re doing well.
It can be better.
You’re not doing as well.

Tips and tricks

EasyFWD also provides tips on working style and posture. You see these appear during an energy boost. The tip grows into a large balloon. You can click on this and the tip balloon will disappear or you can leave the tip balloon alone and it will automatically disappear.

Questionnaire and news

“Questionnaire and news”?

If the company you work for works with EasyAnalyse, the health and safety expert or HR manager can send you a questionnaire or publication. This for research or to provide information, in order to arrive at a better prevention policy. This will automatically appear on your screen. When you cancel the questionnaire or publication, a link will appear at “Questionnaire and news”. Clicking on the link will bring up the questionnaire or publication. In this way, you determine when you want to see or answer this.

There is a time period attached to the questionnaire and publication. When this expires, the message “There is a questionnaire or publication ready for you” will disappear and change to “There are no questionnaires or publications”.


You will see me again during the exercises. Together with Sophie, I demonstrate some exercises that are very easy to perform in the workplace. Follow the guidelines for how to perform the exercise. “Pain is Gain” does not apply during and after the exercise!

Healthy working

If you have installed EasyFWD for the first time, you will see a one-time instruction video about exercises that you can perform in the workplace. You can click this away and view it another time by clicking Healthy working.

Settings and max. working time

Maximum working time and Program settings:

in cooperation with your health & safety expert, a maximum working time can be set.

The default setting is 6 hours per day. If you threaten to reach the 6-hour limit, you will receive two warnings. One 15 minutes and two 5 minutes in advance.

If you continue until the 6 hours are reached, EasyFWD will close your keyboard and you can shut down your PC with the mouse and save what you are doing. You can always restart your PC afterward and start again for 6 hours.

Setting a maximum working time is intended for people with complaints or to protect people from themselves.

Program settings:
Program settings are mainly about new updates, versions, and license code. This part does not really matter to you. It is for the IT manager, who needs this part to enter the license code and roll out EasyFWD. Of course, we also have an installation manual, which you can always ask for.


Privacy is of great importance in today’s digital world. In addition to the fact that EasyFWD is fully compliant with the GDPR, our disclaimer states that we are obliged to protect your data and cannot give or share it to third parties without your permission. Unless it is used to improve EasyFWD.

But with EasyFWD you also have the option to protect your user data yourself. You can turn off [Data sharing] in Settings. Your data stays on your computer. Then know that people do not get insights about your vitality centrally. You then have control and responsibility for this yourself.



EasyFWD in action

EasyFWD takes into account how you work and does not come up with an interruption by itself. EasyFWD only comes with a notification when necessary. The message appears because your way of working has not gone according to the work plan that you have set yourself. If you often get a break, you often work too long in succession. It is useful to adjust your work accordingly, take the interruption, walk away from the PC, etc., or set a different work profile.

EasyFWD works as follows:

Let’s assume you have set 30 minutes of work and a 5-minute break. Because EasyFWD takes into account the interruptions taken by you, that means that if you have, for example, been on the phone for 3 minutes, you will only get a 2-minute break after that half-hour. If that conversation lasted longer than 5 minutes, you will not be offered an interruption and the counting starts again.

So the less EasyFWD on the screen, the healthier your work style.

What do I see when EasyFWD is active?

If you have set EasyFWD soft, you will receive the above announcement, at the bottom right. If you just continue working, this message will disappear automatically after 20 seconds. You can still decide to take the break in these 20 seconds. This setting is intended to make you aware and to disturb you as little as possible.

If you have set EasyFWD hard, you will receive the same message, only with the difference that the break is actually coming and the cross in the message is gone. You can count down the 20 seconds and finish your sentence, you can start the break right away by clicking on [play] or you can postpone the interruption for 5 minutes by clicking on [timer].

[play] / [timer]

The interruption will appear in the middle of your screen by itself. You can always stop this notification by clicking on the cross or the stop button. In the notification, you will see tips, exercises, and a tickerline with news headlines of the day.